The Joint Laboratory for System Evaluation (JLSE) manages the CELS computing and computational science activities at Argonne National Laboratory aimed at evaluating future hardware and software platforms.

These activities will be conducted with the goal of addressing Argonne’s needs in a variety of areas. Examples include:

  • Improving science productivity on current and future ALCF platforms.
  • Investigating alternative approaches to current and future deployments (both hardware and software) within ALCF.
  • Maintaining a range of hardware and software environments for testing research ideas.
  • Helping to drive standards in standard forums on benchmarks, programming models, programming languages, memory technology, etc.

Implementation goals for the laboratory include:

  • Managing resources used for running hardware and software prototypes for evaluation by JLSE.
  • Coordinating interactions with vendors related to their future products, ALCF large procurements, and DOE-funded vendor R&D.
  • Providing access to data (error logs, performance logs, etc.) from both ALCF production systems and JLSE systems for research.
  • Engaging in joint research on performance modeling and analysis, performance tuning, programming models, etc.
  • Publishing internal and external reports on the progress of activities for the benefit of fellow users and providing feedback to vendors and research community.
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