Note: If your Argonne Collaborator has expired, you must resubmit an Argonne Collaborator request to regain access and follow the same steps listed below to regain JLSE access. The Argonne Collaborator system will likely ask you to choose a different username however the Service Desk will ensure your previous username remains as your default username. ECP users will not be required to resubmit the ECP JIRA request if it was already done previously. ECP/ESP users do not have to re-acknowledge the Terms of Service (TOU) unless your affiliation has changed.

  1. This step is for ECP project members only. Non-ECP users should skip this step and go to step 2. Request Aurora early hardware/software access through ECP by filling out the Jira form below. If you have already put in a request and it was not rejected or you did not change institutions, please skip this step as you do not need to put in a 2nd request.

Jira form link: If you don’t have an ECP Atlassian account, follow the steps below: 

  • Ask your PI or his/her representative to complete the onboard form and be sure they select “Jira Project” in the tools access list (Optional to also select “Confluence”).
  • Once submitted, notifications are sent to initiate the ECP Atlassian account creation process. PI approval and PAS (personnel access system) approval must be completed before the account is created. PAS processing for foreign nationals can take 7-10 days or more after receipt of required materials.
  • Requestor will be notified when the ECP Atlassian account is created.

Questions regarding ECP Jira account or access should be emailed to [email protected]. Proceed to step 2 once you have submitted the ECP Jira form.

2. Request an Argonne Collaborator account if you are not from Argonne by following the instructions on this page : request a collaborator account. If you are from Argonne, you can skip this step and proceed to the next step. ECP users should note that your collaborator account request will be approved and created only after your ECP JIRA request is processed. However, you can complete step 3 before the account is created.

3. If you need access to Aurora early h/w and s/w, please read and acknowledge the latest Terms of Use* by filling out the form below. You are responsible for ensuring you are authorized by your institution to read and acknowledge the TOU:

4. Log in to with your Argonne credentials. For non-Argonne users, this is your Argonne Collaborator account and it can only be used after your temporary password is changed to a permanent password. See step 8 on request a collaborator account page for details. If you need assistance with your password, call the Argonne Service Desk at 630-252-9999, option 2.

5. Click the “Join Project” link on the left side of your account management page to request the “jlse” project. Note that you should click on Join Project and not Join Unix Group. Project memberships must be approved by the owner or a proxy. Approvals can take up to a week or more, in some cases.

6. After you have logged in, setup your SSH RSA public and Private keys. See SSH Public Key Authentication for more information.

7. To check if you jlse project membership request is approved, log in to your account at and check the status in the navigation bar on the left-hand side. If you see “jlse” listed under the tab “Membership Requested”, then your request is pending approval. As mentioned above, approvals can take up to a week or more, in some cases.

If you see “jlse” listed under the tab named “Member” then your request was approved and you are a member of the jlse project, which gives you access to certain JLSE resources.

8. You will be required to enroll in the new CELS DUO MFA system on your next login to the accounts system.

* If you are an ECP or ESP project team member, or if you are working on the Aurora early hw/sw, note that we have a new Terms of Use (TOU) for the Aurora early hw/sw located at JLSE. To gain access to the Iris or Arcticus nodes, or the Aurora SDK, you must have read and acknowledged the TOU. You are responsible for ensuring you are authorized by your institution to read and acknowledge the TOU. If you wish to gain access to the Aurora early hw/sw, you must go to the specified URL, fill out the form, read the TOU (a copy is accessible from the link on the form), and select “Yes” indicating that you have read and acknowledged the TOU. Once you have acknowledged and we have reviewed the submission, your JLSE account will be added to the appropriate unix groups that will give you access to these resources.

Note to users that previously had a JLSE account: If you had a JLSE account previously and would like to access your old files, email [email protected] using the same email address that was added to your old account. JLSE admins will need to verify the identity of the account holder (old and new accounts) before they migrate your old home directory and /gpfs/jlse-fs0/users/ to the new UID and GID.

Note to foreign national users: The U.S. Department of Energy has guidelines and requirements for foreign visitors who access its facilities and sites. This guidance is issued in DOE Order 142.3, which is part of Argonne’s contract; therefore, all foreign visitors (non-U.S. Citizens) must obtain authorization prior to using JLSE resources. If you are a foreign national and do not have current authorization credentials, you will require an ANL-593 (Foreign National Access Request) form. Foreign National Applicants must have the following information available before you apply for an account: passport, immigration/residence documents, dates and institutions of degrees conferred.

If you are transitioning from an Argonne appointment to external collaborator, after your appointment ends, follow the directions above to get a collaborator account. If possible, use the same username but with the “ac.” prefix (e.g. “username” would become “ac.username”). After your collaborator account is created, let us know at [email protected] that you want to transition your JLSE account to this login. You cannot apply for the collaborator account while your Argonne appointment is current.

Unless explicitly noted, the JLSE mailing lists, computing environment, and wiki are NOT to be used to discuss, store, or operate with any NDA/RSNDA, Official Use Only (OUO), or Business Sensitive information.
JLSE is a shared environment that is focused on development compute resources. It is not a production compute facility. Users are expected to consider others in the length and quantity of resource usage. If there is contention for a resource, it’s expected that you will be considerate of other users’ deadlines and priorities against your own.

Note to Account sponsors: If you are expecting to see a collaborator account but have not seen anything, check to see if you have accounts awaiting your approval.


Information for Account Sponsors
Getting started: JLSE Documentation
SSH Public Key Authentication

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