• For general technical discussions on system, compilers, libraries, applications, etc., please use the email list [email protected] to discuss with fellow users.
  • Restricted access (NDA) resources have their own discuss email lists. These are intended for NDA discussion and the general JLSE discuss list should not be used for this purpose.


  • The JLSE confluence site can be accessed at and has a list of resources, description of projects, and generated how-to documents. Note: You will need a JLSE user account for access (See above to apply for an account).


  • Short-term reservations (< 1 day) are available for most hardware.
  • Long-term reservations (> 1 day) are available for older machines.
  • You can request a reservation for your JLSE project at

Access to Restricted Testbeds:

Access to certain testbeds are restricted as it may require an NDA with the vendor for your home institution or it is provisionally allowed for certain projects.

If you need access to any of these resources please send an email to [email protected] with a link to your project information on the website, as well as the users and home institutions that need access.

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