JLSE Projects by Category: Data & AI/Learning

Benchmarking Genetic Variant Calling algorithms

Dimensionality Reduction for Weather and Climate data (PI: Vishwas Rao, Argonne National Laboratory)

Braid: Data Flow Automation for Scalable and FAIR Science (PI: Bogdan Nicolae, Argonne National Laboratory)

Accelerating Machine Learning via Multi-Objective Optimization (PI: Robert Lim, Argonne National Laboratory)

Neural network quantum states for atomic nuclei (PI: Alessandro Lovato, Argonne National Laboratory)

Machine Learning for Scientific Image and Graph Processing (PI: Sandeep Madireddy, MCS)

Machine learning for mesh adaptation (PI: David Del Rey Fernandez, National Institute of Aerospace)

High-Performance Data Analysis and Enhancement for Large-Scale Light Source Experiments (PI Name: Tekin Bicer, DSL)

Manifold learning (PI: Stefan Wild, MCS)

Development of scalable data analytics, secure computing for PHI on HPC systems, and large-scale AI applied to VA data and other related datasets in support of Veteran health care (PI: Ravi Madduri, DSL)

Machine Learning Applied on Optics Systems (PI: Sheikh Mashrafi, XSD)

AI CDI: Deep convolutional neural networks for real-time inversion of coherent X-ray diffraction data (PI: Mathew Cherukara, NST)

Power-efficient Learning with Neuromorphic Hardware (PI: Valentin Reis, MCS)

Datascience (PI: Venkatram Vishwanath, LCF)

Connectomics ESP (PI: Nicola Ferrier, CLS)

In Situ Feature Tracking and Visualization with Deep Learning (PI: Hanqi Guo, MCS)

Neural Architecture and Hyper-parameter Search for Deep Learning (PI: Prasanna Balaprakash, MCS)

Detecting Silent Data Corruptions with Deep Neural Network (PI: Franck Cappello, MCS)

Lossy Compression of Scientific Data Leveraging Deep Learning (PI: Franck Cappello, MCS)

Deep Learning Frameworks Performance (PI: Yasaman Ghadar, LCF)

Machine Learning Guided Cross-Layer Resilience (PI: Yanjing Li, UofC)

Atomic Structure Extraction Using Computer Vision in Electron Microscopy Images (PI: Maria Chan, NST)

ALCF Data Science Program (ADSP) (PI: Venkatram Vishwanath, LCF)


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