The following testbeds were previously offered and evaluated through JLSE.

System NameDescription
DowdIBM Power 740 Express (8205-E6D)
SageCray uREKA-GX Analytics Cluster – 32x Haswell-EP E5-2697v3, 256GB RAM, 800GB NVMe SSD, Aries Interconnect
Tubes v2IBM x3650 M4 with 2x40GbE WAN connectitvity
Petrel v2Qty: 1 – IBM ESS GL6, 2PB raw, 1.6PB GPFS, 10xFDR10 connectivity, Qty: 2 – Intel HNS2600KPF, E5-1660v3, 4-Nodes in 2RU chassis, Petrel v2 40GbE 1x40GbE WAN connected DTNs, 1xQDR for GPFS
BlackpearlSpectraLogic Blackpearl, See:
SnellSuperMicro X10DRW-i, Intel E5-2603v3 Haswell-EP
KineticSeagate Kinetic Development Chassis:
LurchQty 8 – IBM x3650 M4, previously IBM GSS file servers, now for JLSE general use and high-end Filesystem Benchmark clients
RainsQty 16 – IBM x3455, Qty 2 – DDN S2A9900 (formerly ALCF’s Intrepid FS)
OSRSpaceQty 100 – SuperMicro X7DWU based Intel E5405 Systems (formerly ALCF’s Eureka nodes)
BlackpearlSpectraLogic Blackpearl, See:
Lucie, Ruth, JennySuperMicro SuperServer 7047GR-TPRF, Qty: 2 – Intel Xeon Phi 7120A
RosieQty 16 – Nvidia Tegra TK1 Devkit, See:
Petrel v1Qty 33 – IBM x3455, Qty 4 – DDN S2A9900 (formerly ALCF’s Intrepid FS)
TubesIBM x3650 M3 with 2x10GbE WAN connectitvity
Clipping, Hooking, SlashingSuperMicro SuperServer 2026GT-TRF
Dancelot,PrancelotIntel SC5650SCWSR, Qty: 1 – Intel Xeon Phi 7120A
KaylaNvidia Kayla Devkit
NeddySuperMicro SuperServer 7047GR-TPRF
– 2x Nvidia RTX8000
LucieSuperMicro SuperServer 7047GR-TPRF, 2x E5-2687W 8c 3.4Ghz, 64GB RAM, Mellanox FDR (FDR10), Qty: 1 – Nvidia P100
Mustangty 2 AppliedMicro X-C1 Development Kit Plus (X-Gene ARM64)
RuthFPGA Testbed

SuperMicro SuperServer 7047GR-TPRF
JennySuperMicro SuperServer 7047GR-TPRF
MaudSuperMicro SuperServer 7047GR-TPRF, 2x E5-2687W 8c 3.4Ghz, 64GB RAM, Mellanox FDR (FDR10), Qty: 1 – Nvidia K20x
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