PI Name: Terece Turton
PI Institution: los-alamos-national-laboratory
Collaborating ANL Division: leadership-computing-facility-lcf

Description: The LANL ATDM ST project provides a suite of software technologies to support the LANL ATDM AD Ristra project and other mission applications on upcoming DOE platforms. This project has four product codes: Kitsune, Cinema, Bee, & Legion/FlecSCI. Legion/FlecSCI will deliver programming model technologies through co-design engagement with Ristra. Kitsune provides parallel-aware compilation. BEE is a Build and Execution Environment to support resource management and container technologies on ECP platforms. Cinema provides visualization and analysis capabilities to support in situ and post hoc scientific workflows. The early access exascale platforms will be used to validate LANL ATDM ST functionality.

Testbed: Iris, Yarrow

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